Interview: Meet New Christian Author Tim Reeve

Christian author interview on worship bookWithin the next two weeks, Writeious Books will release a new eBook by first-time author, Tim Reeve. Hiding Behind the Worship Show will no doubt bring on conversation and controversy. Nevertheless, Writeious Books hasn’t shied away from publishing the Christian book. We haven’t shied away from working with a new, unpublished author either.


Because we have strong convictions about some of the ideas the book is anchored around, and we think the public needs to hear his viewpoint. Tim shares some thought-provoking ideas that are biblically based. He speaks them out in a mature, well-thought out manner.

If you are looking for a Christian book with some meat to it, something a bit “weighty”, then you might like to try Hiding Behind the Worship Show. It is a short, relative fast read with some great study questions built in at the end of each chapter.

Writeious Books also thought you might like to get to know Tim Reeve a little and what drove him to write this book and share his thoughts. We are proud to introduce him to you and share with you five questions. Next week, look for a free ebook sample.

1-How did you come to write the book?

The history of the idea comes from a sermon I heard in about 1996 on the idea that worship is not given in the Bible as the reason for our assemblies. The preacher went through the Greek words for worship and their uses in the New Testament, and none of the passages were about assembly. This intrigued me enough to ask him if he wanted to write a book on the subject, but that collaboration was never realized. So I began my own research and 18 years later, here is the book. The last 8 years saw most of the work.

Another aspect of why I wrote this book is my engineering training. I was taught to challenge the status quo, even when “everybody knows” how it is supposed to be. Such challenges can be satisfying when you discover a better way, or they can be humbling when you realize that you are “barking up the wrong tree.” Our Lord said it is good to be meek, so a little practice doesn’t hurt.

2-How long have you been writing and will you write another book?

I never foresaw writing as one of my life pursuits. I was the guy in school that people tried to beat at math and science. I made it through English class because I had to. I did develop a love for reading. Science fiction and fantasy were my favorite genres.

But I decided to balance my reading with heavier topics, and spent time reading books on Christianity, including some thick detailed commentaries on the Bible. About the same time I was asked to teach some adult Bible classes at church and fell in love with the depth of learning I received from that experience.

Other books may be on the horizon. Several ideas have been bouncing around my head. I hope it does not take 18 years for the next one. I might not survive that long.

3-What is your background as a believer?

I grew up in a rather conservative fellowship with a strong emphasis on Bible doctrine. My family ties were strong, with both Grandfather and Father as elders for many years. I have moved several times with jobs, and have had opportunity to be a deacon twice, a regular teacher in Bible classes, and a stint as a second preacher.

My faith became mine when I was dating a young lady from another group with opposing teachings. In discussing (read arguing) with her about things, I had the thought to be fair and do my best to prove her church’s doctrine to be true from Scripture. I failed. However, the experience solidified my faith in Christ as the giver of truth.

Three statements have impressed my attitude toward writing. First is that the Bible was written to specific people in a different culture from ours. Therefore we need to search for the meaning of the author to the original audience before we apply anything to ourselves. Second, C. S. Lewis said that if you want to know if you understand something, explain it to the average dock worker. It is too easy to hide a lack of knowledge behind big words. Third, Jim McGuiggan wrote that his readers could probably write a better commentary than most of the ones he had read.

4-What are your thoughts about writing such a controversial book, knowing it may not be embraced in the Christian community?

My reading of Scripture has made me realize how practical God’s instructions are for us. What He tells us to do is the best thing for us. Anything else, even a twist on His ways is going to be harmful in the end.

As I researched this subject I saw the damage that was being done by men taking advantage of the present system for their own gain, whether it was for power, prestige or money. That simply did not fit the attitude that the Lord told us to have. So, I went searching for the flaws in the system; and flaws can only be fixed once they are revealed.

Another answer to this question is that truth is truth, and God gave us the written word to reveal the truth. I have done my best to pull my ideas from the Bible. If someone disagrees with my conclusions, I will gladly listen to a Scriptural rebuttal.

5-If the word “worship” has taken on a new meaning, regarding that new meaning, what type of fellowship do you worship in and what would you change about it and how?

I worship by serving the Lord in my life. I assemble with a small group in which the men share the various duties and roles, rarely having the same person doing the same thing two Sundays in a row (except for song leading – one man in our group has a talent for that and it is not me). One thing I love is that we have a heavy emphasis on the reading of Scripture.

If I could change something, it is the fact that we are stuck in a rigid routine for each time we meet. A little shake up might do some good, but that is my opinion and I can’t have everything my way. I don’t want to become the sole arbiter of truth for the group, one of the problems I wrote about in the book.

I could also wish that the level of Bible knowledge was higher among my immediate brothers. But a lifetime of simply sitting and listening does not teach nearly as well as active participation. We need to adjust our systems to impart knowledge in the best way possible.

Pick up your copy July 15, 2014 at Writeious Books

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