Science and Spirit: Third Eye Blind: The Pineal Gland Part 3

eye of horus, third eye, all seeing eye, pineal gland

There are boundaries with such ideas as sun-gazing, chanting and meditation, and caution is needed, because people are being instructed to take this all a step further, even in the church. This is where sound judgment meets bad decisions. Sun-gazing is said to enlarge the pineal gland, bringing all kinds of health benefits. When adding sun-gazing to meditation, chanting, eating certain foods like mushrooms, and partaking in things like yoga, people are ushering themselves in to the occult.

With a big, empty, open mind, darkness with fill it and you will begin to see everything, the good and the evil, on this plane. Christians that have tried this speak of the wicked things that haunted them, particularly between midnight and 4am. Nightmares. The feeling of being followed. Strange sensations of being pulled toward something unexplainable.

Some theologians equate such activity with what happened to Adam and Eve in the garden. They were enticed, or even bewitched, charmed into thinking they could know the secret things of God, thus they transgressed into forbidden areas, areas that put their entire future at risk by opening them up to the darkness. Up until then, they had only seen the light.

In fact, I so want nothing to do with the Eye of Horus that although it would have made a fascinating picture to go along with the article, I do not want to see it. I do not want to expose people to it over and over again! It is simply too creepy. Pinecones and the Occult

While the pineal gland is known as the third eye, where our instincts sit, our instincts have been robbed from us. In their natural state, they are not evil. But we have been desensitized and programmed into something unnatural. Every day we are being conditioned. This conditioning has crept into the church. We are so on milk, not even able to walk on our own, that it goes unnoticed. The assembly may be apostate, and falling away.

But let us quicken with our spiritual pineal gland, if we may. The One that sees all things, and is told all things by our Heavenly Father. He then relates these things to us through holy, spiritual methods. The Holy Spirit! Let us exercise our spiritual pineal gland and get our instincts going again! Let us gaze at the Son (the Word of God) instead of the sun. If we absolutely cannot part with our iPads/Pods/Phones, could we not spend something like even 15 minutes a day reading the Bible on it? We are surrounded by the darkness, and we should be the light. But how can we be if it is not in us?

By Jori Sams

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