Science and Spirit: Third Eye Blind: The Pineal Gland Part 2

eye of horus, third eye, all seeing eye, pineal glandThings are going on behind closed doors in the assembly that the congregation is totally unaware of. During moments of music worship, people are being taught to empty their minds. They are being led to sing single phrases repeatedly. Strumming the same melody again and again. Do we not understand that this is how the pagans worship? It brings one to enlightenment, drawing them into transcendental meditation. And yes, it feels nice, because we are making a spiritual connection; but the connection is not holy.

If we fall into an emotional trans while we are “worshiping” God, and empty our mind, it is open for another to come in. And trust me, he will do just that.

Recently, watching animals has intrigued me. Dogs. Cats. Birds. How they communicate. Sometimes with sounds; sometimes without. They are so instinctive. Children are, too.

I am absolutely amazed how people have lost their senses, thus losing a bit of a grip on reality. People are desensitized. Stop and think about what I am saying. All of our electronic devices have made us socially maladjusted, too! When is the last time you met with a group of friends for a meal and not one time did someone use their mobile phone?

I have been sitting around the dinner table with family and the 20s and 30s generation have all been absorbed in another conversation, each looking down on their own devise, all at the same time. My husband and I have just sat their simply exchanging glances, shaking our heads. No one speaking to anyone at the table. It is staggering. And there is no telling these people otherwise. They are hooked.

Their instincts are wrecked, shrinking, because they are not being used.

If you think this is an exaggeration, think again!

There is an organ in the human brain called the pineal gland. You may not have heard of it or know its purpose, but I bet if I ask you if you are familiar with a dollar bill and the all-seeing-eye, you will say yes. If you are a Lord of the Rings fan then you will recognize the eye that watched Frodo. Or maybe you are familiar with Buddhism and the eye connected to this religion.

Have you ever heard the term The Third Eye? The Eye of Horus? How about sun gazing? Do you know what that is?

The pineal gland in itself is not evil. It is where our sixth sense, so to speak, sits. Instincts are driven by it. Over the centuries, particularly this last one, it has shrunk in size. Some cat scans have revealed that the gland has become so small from not being used, it has shriveled. In fact, in children, it is large. If you have ever noticed, they are using their instincts all the time. But as they grow into adults, the gland shrivels from not being used. pineal gland, all seeing eye,

There are other forces at work here, too, that have damaged the pineal gland. Things like mercury, other metals, and fluoride. Sodium fluoride, to be precise. There are numerous products containing the toxin. Tap water, toothpaste, bottled juices, soy milk, and many others.

The pineal gland also produces melatonin, which triggers tryptophan, which aids sleep. When fluoride gets into the brain, it creates a calcium shell around the gland, preventing it from functioning. When the pineal gland is retarded, all types of health problems can arise. I would never say it was sinful to try and strip away the calcium that has built up over the years by using natural remedies like exercise and herbs.

In fact, once the calcium has shed, things like sleep will begin to improve, and memory. Fibromyalgia, depression, immune problems, irritable bowel may all begin to reverse. This is a very good thing.

Watch this space for Part 3

By Jori Sams


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