How Much Do You Know About the Millennium? Part 2

Lion Lays Down with the LambAs the Garden of Eden was physically on earth, I believe so will the Millennium be, with the capitol city being Zion. And as in the days before Noah, the earth was rich in nutrients and people lived for nearly a millennium. There are two types of people that will be established. One, referring to the above passage, will be comprised of the saints already seated with Christ before His second coming and those who were beheaded during the tribulation and did not take the mark. Notice, the first bunch here are alive and seated with Christ. The other part of this first bunch here are those that have died during the Tribulation. These will receive imperishable bodies and judge the second group. The second group is all the remaining people who were on the earth during the Second Coming. Notice those who did not rise to life during the First Resurrection will not be around during the Millennium. And while birth, marriage and death will still be occurring on earth, they will not be for those in the first group that will possess a different type of body.

This is a time for the healing of the nations. Life will carry on as it is. The saints will be placed around the earth to judge affairs. Do you understand why? There will be no more kings or rulers. No money. We will be united under one king, and His name is Wonderful! Take note that all things will be made “perfect” or complete on earth. This thousand-year period will also fulfill YHWH’s promise to Israel, giving the nation their land once again and forever. Everything the nation of Israel did in the Old Testament was done in the physical world, having a spiritual significance. This was ever present in their daily lives right down to how and when they tilled the soil to how and when they celebrated their festivals. So the Millennial Reign will be their fulfillment in the physical, on earth.

This is the time Eden is restored, to be what God intended, when He will once again walk with us in the Garden; this is the purpose of the Millennium.

Imagine this: people across the centuries have blamed God for every bad thing happening under the sun. They have not thanked Him for giving them free choice, and they have not done well with their free choice. During the millennial era, life will be without struggle, really. Answers About the MillenniumThere will be no natural disasters. Nothing to blame God for. No doubt people will still till the soil, but without sweat on their brow. God will make what is crooked straight. But at the end of the millennial reign, even having walked with God for 1,000 years, people will be deceived again as Satan will be unleashed; they still will not choose eternity with God!


Here is and excerpt from my book, Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study, “Some say the one-thousand-year period is exact and the timeline would look like this:

· Satan loses his power and is bound.

· Christ calls the Christian dead back to life.

· He sets up his kingdom on earth.

· 1,000 years later Satan is released, tries to torment the saints and ends up destroyed.

· The second resurrection occurs for unsaved at the great white throne.

· There appears a new Heaven and Earth.”

The Millennial Reign will be on the devastated earth, but will be able to sustain man for 1,000 years. Consider this and the great knowledge and power of God. In Eden there was no struggle, no mountains or islands. The climate was warm and consistent every day of the year. This is our coming Utopia. I don’t know about you, but I am very much looking forward to it!

Written by Jori Sams

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