Bible Study: Revelation: Week Four

Rapture happens

Jesus and the lamp stands in RevelationThis is my final instalment of the ebook study guide samples for Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study. Today the portion we will look at is the content from the first day during the fourth week of the devotional. In my next post I will list the answers from the manual that corresponds with the book, Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study: Teachers Manual.

This guide is designed to give those leading Bible studies on the subject of Revelation some further insight, allowing them to bring more clarity to the group. It is also recommended to purchase this book if you are studying Revelation on your own.

Over the last few weeks we have unpacked bits of the confusing subjects that lie within the study of Revelation. We will cover some of these a little fuller in some of the upcoming posts. This will include a look into the Millennium. Until then,  you can find the books at Writeious Books. A blog series on the Bride of Christ and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb has already been published. So dig in. And don’t be shy! Send along your comments and questions and let me know what you think.

Book Sample: Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study

bible study on revelation



There comes another parenthetical portion in Revelation. This one is between the sounding of the sixth and seventh trumpets, and it is the only thing remaining that is to be sealed and is to remain a mystery. At this point, the earth is 3 ½ years into the tribulation. Keep in mind that after the seals and six trumpets about one half of the earth’s population has been destroyed. The wrath of God with its judgements has been relentless.

Read Revelation chapter 10.

1-How is this angel described and what does it signify?

2-Where else in Revelation have you read about a description like this?

3-Where else in Revelation have you read about a book? Make note of the differences.

4-What is the significance of one foot on the sea and one on land?

Refer to Isaiah 31:4 and Hosea 11:10.

In this first passage, you see it described that shepherds come together against this lion, whom you may understand to be Jesus. In Scripture there are sheep and goats. God’s nation and the pagan world in the Old Testament; God’s elect and those separated from God in the New.

5-Who leads sheep and who are the people going against Jesus in this passage?

In II Corinthians 12 the apostle Paul also speaks of a moment where he was in heaven and was not permitted to speak what he saw.

Deuteronomy 29:29 reminds the believer that the secret things belong to God.

Read again Daniel 8:18-27.

Study Daniel 12. This entire chapter, especially verse 13, sums up Revelation and the end of times. Take notice here of the things you have already seen prophesied.

In Revelation 10:5 you see this angel raising his right hand to heaven. Recall the significance of the right hand.

6-Who does this angel swear by in verse 6? Refer to Exodus 20:11.

This verse in Revelation is speaking of the account of creation. And then there was rest.

7-What is the context of verse 6?

It may well be that the things the Lord is revealing to you through this study leave you quiet and contemplative. Don’t rush through these feelings. Meditate and pray all you need so that these truths are absorbed.

Watch this space for the discussion answers…

By Jori Sams

revelation study guide


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