Sochi Winter (Spring) Olympics: Hot. Cool. Closed.

Closing Ceremony Sochi Olympics

Just ask me. If you want to know how the Winter (Spring) Olympics went, I can tell you. I can tell you how the downhill skiers loathed the extremely difficult slalom course and skiing on top of salty snow. Even the designer of the course held his head through most of the alpine event.

Skiers were veering off course all day long. Even the really, really good ones like Ted Ligety, who had a good chance of a medal going into the 2nd run, sitting in 6th place. But as the day went on, the course deteriorated even further. Disappointing.

What was the biggest disappointment? Maybe the US hockey team leaving without a medal. Or the overrated US women figure skaters. Or the continued corruption by figure skating judges, and how Kim Yuna lost out on a much deserved gold medal, especially after Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova two-footed one of her landings but some how managed to receive top spot.

Then again, it was taking place on Russian soil. Mikaela Shiffrin Wins Gold

Another disappointment was how biased the BBC was against the American Olympic athletes, generally speaking. I think the commentators are top-rate and I enjoyed listening to their coverage, but it was annoying that they ignored the Americans or kept highlighting their failures. The new addition to America’s women’s downhill ski team was the exception.

They were tickled by the victory of young Olympian Mikaela Shiffrin. I have never seen a competitor ski so effortlessly and cool-headed like the 18 year old. This was perhaps the grandest surprise of the Olympic games for me.  That and watching Miss Moustache from the Czech Republic dominate the field in her victory in the ladies snowboard cross. The Norwegians dominated Nordic skiing, to the surprise of no one, up until the last day when Russia made a clean sweep.

This put them ahead in the medals count by one medal over the US and the leader in gold medals. But they kind-of cheated. Kind-of. The Sochi Gold Medalkey word here is “Victor.” Two new Russian citizens departed from their homelands, one Korean speed skater and one American, parallel slalom snowboarder, both named Victor. Neither of their home countries were supporting them enough.

Kind-of surprising when you consider that they both broke records this year and were already gold medal Olympic champions in Vancouver.  They packed their bags and headed to Russia, each finding their own way to become citizens. So, if it wasn’t for the five gold medals between them, yes, five, Russia wouldn’t be looking so strong.

Go figure.

The closing ceremony was so long and, like the opening ceremony, laced with many different variations of the “all-seeing-eye.” From a distance, it was spooky. Even so, it is lonely here today as I flip through the channels looking for some inspiration. I guess that is why I love the Olympics so much, apart from the political non-sense and over-hype of it all. I love watching people who are passionate about their talents and using them to be their best, trying to attain the ultimate. After watching so many successes, I feel a bit underachieved. At the end of it all, I chuckle to myself. Will the Winter Olympics be held in spring again?

By Jori Sams

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