Bible Study: Revelation: Answers to Questions from Week Three

Rapture happens

Day of Wrath

In my last blog I posted a sample from Week Three from my book, Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study. It is a devotional prompting the reader to take in a portion of the book of Revelation and answer some questions to give them a deeper understand of this profound and mysterious book. This study is comprehensive, but not exhaustive.

As well as this, you can find a blog series on the Bride of Christ and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb which has already been published. Send along your comments and questions and let me know your thoughts. If you can add to this blog and strengthen it, you are most welcome to participate.

Below are the seven questions along with the answers or key points. Enjoy.

Book Sample: Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study

Answers from the Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study: Teachers Manual

Revelation in Seven Weeks Bible Study Cover


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1-Were any seals opened in this chapter? No. There is an interlude here between the opening of seals six and seven.

2-What three major things are happening here?

1. The angels are ordered not to harm anything until the servants are sealed.

2. The servants are sealed.

3. There is a great multitude in white robes.

3-Is the scene here taking place on the Earth or in Heaven? This is taking place first on Earth, then in Heaven.

4-If you take the pre-tribulation stance on the rapture of the church, suggesting the Holy Spirit has been removed from the earth, could this bring a sense of belief to verse 2 that the angel rising from the sun represents the Christ or Holy Spirit? Some might interpret this as being Christ, but it would not be accurate. Christ was not an angel. Take note how Christ was described in the opening chapters.

5-How many angles are mentioned in this chapter and what do you imagine will happen to the earth when there is no wind? Five are mentioned. There seems to be a hierarchy here. There will come a drought, followed by famine and dehydration.

6-What is the purpose of a seal and is this seal permanent? Refer to Esther 8:8. The seal is permanent. Discuss the difference in the seal of the church age and the seal of the 144,000. One is spiritual, one is physical. One is the Holy Spirit, who is no longer present on earth.

7-Are those being sealed in verse 4 the same as those in verse 3? Yes. 144,000 Jews will be sealed.

By Jori Sams

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