Bible Study: Revelation: Week Three

Rapture happens

Jesus and the lamp stands in RevelationAs the spiritual tension in the air continues to swarm across the earth, those of us acutely aware of it sense the battle is raging. Continuing to review sample entries from my daily devotional and study on Revelation titled Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study, the portion we study today is the content from the first day during the third week of the devotional. In my next post I will list the answers from the manual called Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study: Teachers Manual.

This is designed to give those leading Bible studies on this subject some deeper insight, allowing them to take their group a bit deeper, and it is suggested to purchase this book if you are studying Revelation on your own.

Over the next few weeks we will unpack some of the confusing subjects that lie within any study of Revelation. This will include taking a big bite into things like the Millennium. You can find the books at Writeious Books. A blog series on the Bride of Christ and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb has already been published. So dig in. And don’t be shy! Send along your comments and questions and let me know what you think.

Book Sample: Revelation in Seven Weeks: A Bible Study

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In Revelation Chapter 7, this is where most of the confusion and disagreement arises regarding the Second Coming of Christ. The church today knows what is called the rapture, though this word is not a biblical one. And this event will occur before the Second Coming. While the majority of the Bible runs chronological, when it differs from this, it becomes hard to follow.

Revelation is full of mystery and symbolism that makes it difficult to grasp with finite minds. It is also challenging to some to determine, then, when it is literal. One thing must be noted, there is not one wasted word here. Jesus gives reference to this at the end of the book. It may help you keep in mind that if it is not to be taken literally, you will see something written like, “then I saw a sign…” as latter on in Chapter 12. And while some theologians are looking for symbolism in Revelation as in the previous chapters, while this may be the case, it is also to be taken literally unless otherwise noted as stated above.

Some will argue that this chapter is reference and evidence of a mid-tribulation return of Christ. That would make logical sense if the book was chronological and if you do not understand what is happening. Let it be said that regardless what you believe in reference to Christ’s return, whether it is at the beginning, the middle or the end of the tribulation, the point is that you believe. This does not affect your salvation.

There is wisdom in having the desire and the courage to take a closer look and asking the Lord to reveal to you what it is that you are looking for here.

Turn now to Revelation 7 and give it a slow read. Reread anything that causes you to question.

1-Were any seals opened in this chapter? 

2-What three major things are happening here?

3-Is the scene here taking place on the Earth or in Heaven? 

4-If you take the pre-tribulation stance on the rapture of the church, suggesting the Holy Spirit has been removed from the earth, could this bring a sense of belief to verse 2 that the angel rising from the sun represents the Christ or Holy Spirit?

5-How many angles are mentioned in this chapter and what do you imagine will happen to the earth when there is no wind?

6-What is the purpose of a seal and is this seal permanent? Refer to Esther 8:8. 

7-Are those being sealed in verse 4 the same as those in verse 3?

Watch this space for the discussion answers…

By Jori Sams

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