Sochi Olympics Combine Sport and Religion

American Ice Dance Pair Charlie and Meryl

Olympic RingsHot. Cool. Sochi seems to be an odd place to host the Winter Olympics. I’m certain the winter athletes are not used to seeing palm trees in the Olympic Plaza. The conditions on the snow have resulted in slow race times, too, as you might expect, and difficult competing.

Perhaps that is why the Americans are doing so poorly and “under-achieving.” Americans are fast. They snowboard in the half-pipe, on the moguls and slope-style at record speed. Not to mention downhill. They find their rhythm in hard-packed snow. So far, they have been off.

And not just on the snow. The women’s curling squad is bombing. The hockey team is doing well but will have to surpass Canada’s team if they want to take gold. Today they looked a little over-confident in the third period. And the whole world thought the American team would cruise by the rest in their field for the first ever team gold in figure skating. It was Russia that walloped their competition very convincingly.

I have high hopes for the ladies in the snowboard half-pipe this evening. Is it too much to cross my fingers for an American sweep and that they can leave Australia’s Torah Bright in 4th or 5th place? If they all begin to get caught in the slush, I will stop watching. Maybe it is because of me (I am not one for being superstitious, generally).

America’s darlings, Charlie and Meryl, do look promising for the ice dancing gold. I will schedule that one in and take a front seat before the big screen TV, as I am completely mesmerised by the pair and could gaze at them all night. I have been watching the BBC coverage; the commentating is superb. Perhaps they should get a gold medal. I hope there are some nice surprises on the horizon for Americans over the next few days as we lost our star-player and golden-hopeful, Lindsey Vonn.

This historic location has a mystic past. I am surmising the Olympic committee is well aware of it, too, after watching the Illuminati/Freemason-inundated opening ceremony, which is typical. Flying children, white horses, all-seeing eyes, flames, the sun and Ray of Light and Snowflake Sochi Mascotsmoon representing Semiramis and Nimrod, along with the Asherah poles. The creepy Ray of Light and Snowflake alien mascots who are in search of “acceptance.” The Olympic Stadium itself being a giant eye.

In legends of Greek mythology, an heroic figure, Prometheus, was taken captive and put in chains. There an eagle ravaged his liver. Though it grew back again, it was pecked out once more. This was the penalty from the gods for stealing their fire and handing it out to humans, giving them illumination. Thus Prometheus is symbolic of Satan, or Lucifer, the “light-bringer.” This legend took place on the cliffs of Sochi.

The Caucus Mountains, forming two ridges running east to west, comprise the border to the North separating Turkey from Russia. The people in antiquity that lived around these mountains, and in between the Black and Caspian seas, were called “Caucasians.”

All of that said, it seems Sochi would have been better for the Summer Olympics. Does anyone know if they have tried and failed in the past? Hmm.

By Jori Sams


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