Perfect Theology: Is Jesus Really the Reason for the Season? Facts About the History of Christmas and Saint Nicholas Part 5

Image of nativity

Modern Thinking within the Church regarding Celebrations

There are two thoughts on this for those in favor of holding the celebration, seeing as how the customs have changed, apart from the indulging in food and drink and decking the halls…and the living room. One, a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. Satan may think he has had the last word on Christmas, but he is defeated when we bellow out “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.” He has been overjoyed to put a mask on the Saturnalia making it appear as something from the “light” even so much as calling it “Christmas.” But, by letting the word of God go forth, he is defeated; it does not return void. He has divided his kingdom.

I do believe that the Creator who crafted his children to have free choice has indeed given it to us. And he so wants to bless us that he will come down right where we are and do just that. Even at Christmas. That said, it doesn’t make it holy.

Rembrandt Christmas Jesus REason Season

I do not think it is wrong to sing songs about Jesus’ birth, his life, his sacrifice, his resurrection. But we don’t have to separate them and sing these ones this time of year and those ones the other time! We can and should sing them every day! Every day. The whole life of Christ is such a miraculous, perfect, wonderful event we should focus on it and celebrate it all the time, not just one or two days a year.

The other thought is that we are free in Christ. We can do all things, and God will not hold us to account for it. We have been set free from the law or punishment of it.

This is very true. Also, if we are trying to be “purists”, so to speak, about refraining from “all things pagan” we will have a tough time on our hands. Everything around us is being influenced, and has been influenced, by pagan traditions. This world is fallen. It has been destroyed, according to II Peter. And Satan is the Prince of the Air. He has influenced everything down here. If you want to avoid pagan things, and be totally disconnected, avoid everything! The things you eat, the things you wear, the things you watch, the things you listen to. Forget social networking and the internet. Forget shopping in certain shops or buying certain products. Forget dressing up and wearing cologne or make-up. Forget visiting anywhere else on the planet.

Every society, except the ancient nation of Israel, is an abomination to God.

Watch this space…

By Jori Sams


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