Perfect Theology: Music Worship: Fact from Fiction Part 3

Facts about true worship
When a cat roams about, climbs a tree, lounges in the sun, he is worshipping God. Now, what I mean is this, this is what God created him to do. Without worshipping the cat or trying to sound like I am encouraged us to worship the creation or to be “New Age” the point I am trying to make is God made the cat to be a cat.

In no way, would I say that when a cat hunts and prowls and kills that this is what God created him to do; he did not. This is a result of the perversion of man after the fall that weakened all of nature around him. The very things that God created for man when he crafted the earth for him.To worship God practically, all we have to do is breathe. Breathe and acknowledge and seek God. To “compartmentalize” our lives it outside of truth. It is not that when we “go” to church we are holy. When we “sing” praise songs we are holy. When we “attend” pray meetings and Bible studies we are spiritual.

All the rest of the week we are secular. No! No! No!
It doesn't matter where you worship God
Unless you are in sin (the condition of sin), or are in the midst of sinning, you are worshipping God! Just look in the Old Testament. The Jews knew this. They knew that even the times they slept they were worshipping YHWH. From the time they woke up to the time they went to bed, everything they did was a form of worship. Their entire lives were consecrated to God.

They thanked God for everything. For every crumb, every breath and every bodily movement. Everything has been crafted by and given by YHWH. And they thanked him for it.

You may need a real paradigm shift with this thinking. It may take some time. But if you can break it down into three categories, you can see that music worship is only one way to worship the Master Weaver who has woven us to seek him and to separate ourselves to him for his good purpose. Once we do that, everything we do that isn’t sin is a form of worship!

By Jori Sams


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