Perfect Theology: How Long was an Actual Day During the 7 Days of Creation? Part 3

A day length during creation

Moving forward with the final part of this lengthy topic regarding the days of creation, here we can look back at the words of Peter when he says “for a day is as 1000 years, and 1000 years as a day”. Most believers would agree we are in the last days. If we look at the Jewish calendar, we are nearing the end of 6,000 years of time. In the coming era, what will we do? Rest. For 1000 years!

Six days of creation was also a pattern for us to follow. God “worked” for six days (no, I do not think creation was a laborious task for Him). Then He rested for a day. Also note that the Jewish day begins at nightfall, not at midnight. This is why. There was evening. There was morning. Then the first day ends.

Something even more important is brought to our attention by Ham, something I hadn’t considered before, and it makes more sense than anything presented. Real biblical proof. If you claim to believe the Bible, you cannot now hold a lengthy-day stance.

“If the days of creation are really geologic ages of millions of years, then the gospel message is undermined at its foundation because it puts death, disease, thorns, and suffering before the Fall. The effort to define “days” as “geologic ages” results from an erroneous approach to Scripture—reinterpreting the Word of God on the basis of the fallible theories of sinful people,” says Ham in his article.

Death came into existence after the creation and fall of man. The Garden of Eden could not be sitting on or near a pile of dead things, which science says existed before Adam and Eve. This demolishes the Cross.

Here is a chart designed by Ham that puts it quite simply.

Earth before the sun and stars Stars and sun before earth
Earth covered in water initially Earth a molten blob initially
Oceans first, then dry land Dry land, then the oceans
Life first created on the land Life started in the oceans
Plants created before the sun Plants came long after the sun
Land animals created after birds Land animals existed before birds
Whales before land animals Land animals before whales

On the left is the biblical account for creation; on the right is the scientific account of modern day thinking. Compare the two. You cannot embrace them both, they are too different.

The chart makes great sense and puts my mind at rest over this burning question regarding the length of a biblical day in creation. To add secular thought or try to cross or blend columns doesn’t work. It actually undermines the authority and power of Almighty God. It also undermines God to say it simply doesn’t matter, that it is enough to believe in God as our creator.

It leads to danger to try and cut and paste text from the Bible to meet our secular thinking. It gets one off to a very poor start to say that death preceded Adam and Eve. It gives science the upper hand to not take God at His word.

“I have often said that whoever would study Holy Scripture should be sure to see to it that he stays with the simple words as long as he can and by no means departs from them unless an article of faith compels him to understand them differently. For of this we must be certain: no clearer speech has been heard on Earth than what God has spoken.”  Martin Luther.

By Jori Sams

Life Under Water


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