Perfect Theology: Hebrew Roots and Keeping the Laws of the Torah- Part 4

A Fresco Floor with Menorahs

In this final instalment regarding popular movements within the church today, we continue with the Hebrew Roots Movement. They seem to adore the things of King David, but they do not, and they take things that have nothing to do with Judaism and attach them to it, like the very Star of David which has its origins in King Solomon and his pagan wives, not Judaism. In the Old Testament it is referred to as the Star of Molech. Pure Judaism is represented by the menorah. This is a different subject all together, one I will address more thoroughly at a different date.

The heart of God toward His chosen people, the nation of Israel, still lives. Remember, it is the gentile believers that have been grafted into the branch of the tree of life. Keep in mind, too, that the first Christians kept the festivals.

It is not sinful to do so. Paul tells us the error lies in going back to the law. If one goes back to it, they deny the Messiah has come. Christ came to fulfill and set us free from it, according to Acts 13:39.

isflag Regarding dietary practices, there is nothing wrong with keeping a biblical diet. Most diseases begin in the gut. We put all the wrong things into our mouths. Eating a biblical diet is probably a wise thing. To be bound to it, though, in any sort of legalistic manner is spiritually immature.

The Hebrew Roots Movement carries some of these principles, but takes off in the wrong direction, building something unholy. I believe that Jesus and His disciples did observe the Torah. I believe, though, they had something to guide them through it and to open their eyes to its fulfillment – the Holy Spirit!

They were “new” creatures in new wine skin. They were not bound by the law, but free from it. I believe to say that we must walk a life centered around the Mosaic Covenant is errant. It is twisting the truth. We are to be Christ-centered.

So not only today do we have Messianic Jews, but Messianic Christians. The body of Christ is so divided, we really need to get back to basics. Keeping the festivals is a great idea, to concentrate on the festivals that have come to fulfillment, the conception, birth, death and resurrection of Christ and the beautiful tapestry they are woven into. To look forward to the return of Christ as symbolized in the festivals is a powerful observance as well and can enrich ones faith.

Romans 14:5, “One person regards one day above another, another regards every day alike. Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind.” We must each live by our convictions depending on what stage we are at in our journey of faith. In any case, this verse is evidence that the Mosaic Law has ended.

We, Jew and Gentile believers, are united under one faith, one baptism and one Lord. We are united under Christ, not united under Israel.

By Jori Sams

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