Perfect Theology: Hebrew Roots and Keeping the Laws of the Torah- Part 1

A Fresco Floor with Menorahs
A couple of years back I was mesmerized with Spanish Jewry, having discovered my link to it. I did some extensive research to learn about the history and roots of the Aguilars, my descendants. Soon after, my husband and I did a pilgrimage to Israel during Passover, and another during the Feasts of Tabernacles and Booths.
I was praying and waiting on the Lord to reveal to me if I should make aliyah, that is, to uproot and relocate to Israel. Recently, I received what I feel to be the answer, and I have learned more than I had asked for.
The following is a look into the very trendy Hebrew Roots Movement that has hit the Evangelical church like wildfire. Is there any biblical support to it? Are we interpreting the Scripture accurately?
“Those of the Hebrew Roots belief hold to the teaching that Christ’s death on the cross did not end the Mosaic Covenant, but instead renewed it, expanded its message, and wrote it on the hearts of His true followers. They teach that the understanding of the New Testament can only Dead Sea Scrolls Found in Qumrun come from a Hebrew perspective and that the teachings of the Apostle Paul are not understood clearly or taught correctly by Christian pastors today. Many affirm the existence of an original Hebrew-language New Testament and, in some cases, denigrate the existing New Testament text written in Greek,” gotQuestions?org gives as an answer. They are one of the most solid places to get answers to such questions, and I feel answer this question most poignantly.
To explain it a bit further, people following the Hebrew Roots Movement celebrate the Sabbath on Saturday, keep strict biblical diets, follow the biblical feasts and abstain from celebrating the pagan holidays of Christmas and Easter. These things alone are not bad. In fact, I think they are wise observances.
But the danger is that they go back to, and embrace, the Mosaic Law, believing that the law is now renewed. They teach only from the Hebrew Torah. This makes the New Testament void. While perhaps many pastors and teachers have strayed from good theology, to maintain that everything coming from every pulpit is a lie and void of the Holy Spirit is surely inaccurate.
It also dethrones God and the power of His complete word. The beautiful symbolism of the life of Christ is lost, too. His incarnation, birth, ministry on earth, death and resurrection are missed out on. To not study the life of Christ in depth is robbing us of a rich, pure tapestry made from the finest spiritual silk.
I do believe that the church today has lost its identity from their Jewish roots. I do believe we read our culture into the New Testament texts as we interpret their message. Because of this, we do not have a full understanding of the power and incomprehensible design of God. It is matchless. The result has been harmful doctrine.
Watch this space….
By Jori Sams

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