Fashion: 80s Fashion is in Style Again-Put on Your Shoulderpads

80s Fashion is in Style Again
I did something the other day I rarely do. Iron. I have never been very good at two things. One is ironing; the other is bowling. With ironing, it seems I just get one side all nice and smooth, and then it wrinkles once I turn it over to iron the other side.

Maybe I really do need to take some lessons.

The last time I did any ironing was a couple of years ago. Perhaps an investment in an ironing board is a good idea. When I lived in Phoenix, I just hung my nice clothes in the shower to unwrinkle.

It became essential, though, last week after a trip to the dry cleaners. I have this vintage blazer that I had the right mindset to hang on to, one of the rare things that has come with me in my three dozen moves. Seeing how designs from the 80s are coming back into fashion, I thought I might be clever and jump ahead with this one and its padded shoulders.

It was a work of art 25 years ago when I lived in the Chicago suburbs. I fashioned it with gold studs of many shapes including stars, guitars, squares, circles, to name a few, and amethyst gems. Combined they totaled over 90 embellishments. All remain intact except one.

As my fascination at the time was with the Southwest, which eventually became the place of my first long distance relocation, it was decorated in a Southwestern style. I put splashes of amber and purple paint on it to make various things like clay pots, petroglyphs, and designs. Then I took black paint and wrote proverbial things. Things of great wisdom like Bible verses and profound sayings.

I recall standing in long line at a fast food place with a friend. The couple behind us was talking. All of a sudden they had my attention because what they were speaking became very familiar. I turned and smiled, saying, “You’re reading my jacket!”

They were indeed and commented on how cool it was. I got that a lot. picture of fashion from the 80s

As the neighborhood dry cleaner advised me that they could not accept it until I removed all the embellishments, I brought my artsy clothing back home with me and grudgingly pulled out the iron. A very difficult task, for sure.

I cannot say I did a very good job, but maybe people will be so busy reading it that they won’t notice…

Written by Jori Sams

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