The Minor Chord

like the lion from the tribe of Juday

I don’t know if it is that dark period during Winter, but I have been in the doldrums. Unable to focus or concentrate. Unable to see the path before me. In order to move forward, I have had to take a couple of steps back to basics. Basics of faith, that is, and hold onto simple truths.

Why do they so easily slip away from us? Have we grown over-educated and self-reliant and believe we have no need for God? Truly, I think in our actions, this is the message we are delivering. We are so busy succeeding and accomplishing that we make no time to sit before our Creator, our Father, and meditate. We don’t pray and praise like we should.

Reading Oswald Chambers has reminded me of this. He says, “Praising God is the ultimate end and aim of all we go through.”
giving god glory, minor chords, harmony, balance
Psalm 50:23, “Whoever offers praise glorifies Me.”

I have suffered much. I have so many challenges and difficulties, they never seem to end. Have I praised God through them? Have I considered that the important thing is not how much I can accomplish for God, but what I have allowed Him to do in me?

What have I allowed Him to do in me? All of this beating and pounding of waves into my mortal flesh has its purpose. I knew it was perfecting me, but I never stopped to consider that by my response, my attitude, I could deny or accept His purpose for my suffering.

I am so full of complaint! Make no mistake! But does anything good come out of these relentless trials at all?

There is a beautiful metaphor in the minor note. Chambers describes minor keys as an angelic reunion connecting us again with all God has intended, bringing us back into harmony. The discord of sin is broken. The minor note is the note of repentance.

After contemplating this, I have been enlightened as to why songs in minor chords are so appealing to me. They let my soul bleed the pain away, slowly, calling me on. There is something soothing in this. Something I cannot see. It is something going on in the powerful world of sound and motion.

The victory, in the end, is His. And all this overcoming is more than just that from difficulties; it is the ability to be faithful to Him, absolutely true, until the end. The bigger the battle, the bigger the prize.

In the moment, I have converted. I have gone from feeling like an unaccomplished beggar, unable to be fruitful or victorious, coming before Him with empty hands, to that of a champion. I see all He is able to do in me. That I am allowing Him to buffet me, to finish His good work. I can honestly, and joyously, give Him praise!

By Jori Sams

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