MisAdventure: Bear! Beware!

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I love British Columbia. The city of Vancouver is lovely with plenty of action. Surrounded by pine forest and mountain, nature is not too far away. Outside of the city, on the way to Whistler I have smelled the strongest scent of pine I have ever smelled in my life.

Once Windy and I took an extended weekend there. We flew in late at night and managed to experience a long delay after playing “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” only with rental cars instead of beds. The issue was me being able to see over the steering wheel for starters. Once we found a perfect fit, we made our way on our camping expedition.

We loved camping. I don’t know why, for certain. Yet, some of the best things in life are free.

Before being rustic, we wanted a good meal and some nightlife. Welcome Vancouver. Sitting at the vibrant restaurant in the middle of the city, we were happy with the menu. Licking our chops, we were ready to order.

It was here in Vancouver that I realized how much Vancouverans, or is it Vancouverites, did not appreciate Americans. We waited at least 45 minutes before the waitress took our order, and watched others not only order, but sink their teeth into some delicacies.

When we had seen enough of the city at night, we set off with the expectation of finding a place to pitch a tent within half an hour’s drive outside the city.  We wanted to save the bulk of the drive for the morning so we could take in the lovely scenery.

It was pitch black. We were growing to the state of exhaustion. The road wrapped around mile after mile with curves and inclines. With each coming bend, we hoped to find a side road. We were denied again and again.

This continued for nearly two hours. Finally, we found a flat, stony pull out and made it our camp. Windy was begrudged to not have a patch of grass. I was quite satisfied, except for the 10 minutes it took me to inflate my air mattress. Perhaps she was never more envious of me than in that moment.

I’m pretty sure. She used to tell me when she was feeling really low, she would come visit me and then her problems didn’t seem so bad.


Windy was getting a bit anxious, too, because she saw something flickering in the light. Constantly flashing her very brite-and-more-than-perfect-for-camping flashlight towards this sparkling specter, I kept assuring Windy it was only a reflector. There must be a wooden post in the ground somewhere.

She was certain it was a tiger or a lion. Finally, we fell asleep.Funny blogs about animals

We awoke startled by the sound of a loud roar and lights flashing on and off into our tent. We sat straight up. Something was coming toward us. What could it be? We looked at each other with this great question.

Carefully, Windy unzipped the tent door and instantly began to laugh. It was then the roaring turned into honking. A massive RV was parked in front of us. The lights were still going on and off, along with the horn.

At the same moment, we both realized the situation we were finding. This RV was certainly both the tiger and the wooden post. We had disturbed the tranquility of the sleeping family. They wanted to get their back.

Some people are really spiteful.

This didn’t ruin our day. We headed off for more adventure up the British Columbian coastline. It was gorgeous. Pristine. We were fortunate enough to watch the salmon swim upstream and to behold stunning, powerful waterfalls. To be continued…

By Jori Sams

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