The French Strike and the Worth of Water

After a two-hour delay going to England from Spain and a 1 1/2 hour delay returning, I was pretty miffed with the French. But I got away lucky. Some people I know had a two-day delay trying to fly.

We almost made it off the runway before the activity began. That is, the French air traffic controller’s strike. Just as we were all on the plane, the formidable. Traffic space was shut over France, causing a major delay. We were all quite happy to be sat on the plane with nothing to do.

It seems the controllers were annoyed at their small wages, after learning the Spanish make over $800,000 annually, the highest paid controllers in the world. So, the French want the same.

Don’t we all know there is ill agreement and something sneaky going on behind closed doors for the Spanish to get this much? I mean, here, it is a laugh.

But it gets better. All of France wants more money. So the strike has snowballed, almost shutting off the country. Gas is at a minimum. People are in a panic.

I am curious. Have the French gone online lately to do any research? Do they know where their country sits on the list of more fortunate lifestyles in the world?

The are numero uno. The top of the list. The crem-de-la-crem.

Yet they are upset their pension age is rising. Students feel they have good reason, too, because now there won’t be any jobs for them if all the elderly are forced to work longer years.

Oddly, though, I don’t feel sorry for even one of them. I am thinking they should be really happy to be where they are. This isn’t the case.

When the well runs dry, you will know the worth of water…

Written by freelance wordsmith Jori Sams

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