Journey to the Center of the Earth

The Rescue of Los 33

It was a tearful day, keeping a lump at the back of my throat. We watched the new “rock” stars get rescued all day. I think I missed the first three or four at the start and one guy in the middle while I took a bath.

One by one they slowly emerged from the bowels of the earth after nearly 70 days in darkness and grim living conditions.

I never tired of seeing the media feed in the cave, nor the Chilean flag resting there. It was all an unbelievable moment in time I did not want to miss.

The BBC gave the best coverage, answering nearly all the questions I had. The entire rescue crew and media team and politicians posted there were unbelievably committed, not resting until the operation was complete.

It was so impressive. The operation functioned like they had rescued dozens of men 2,000 feet beneath the Earth’s crust many times before.

And the operation only went smoother as time passed.

So much joy and certainty. So many wonderful stories of faith and courage, with a miraculous result.

It seems God was listening.

And the men looked stronger than I thought they would. They were prepared and taken care of. The organization of the operation and the way everyone was in place, the media coverage and technical savvy was top quality.

And the President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera, seemed genuinely interested in the welfare of the men and families.

In the days to come I will be looking for continued coverage to see how the lives of Los 33 are progressing.

And I want to know, just what was it like to take a ride in the Fenix II?

One theme seemed to prevail: the men wanted a chance to be good. To love life and the God who gave it. And  I realized that probably after being in the heat, dank and grimness of the belly of the earth, in the darkness, apart from any light, that is probably the closest to Hell the men ever want to be.

A lesson we should all learn.

Written by freelance wordsmith Jori Sams

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