Los 33: The Chilean Miners Will Soon Surface to Tell Their Stories

The most famous bore hole of all time leads down to a mine 700 meters below the Atacama Desert in Chile where 33 miners have been trapped for more than seven weeks. Living within a mine shaft about the size of an average living room, these miners have had to deal with high temperatures and darkness.

Being fed through tubes of food and water, the miners have watched films, made videos, written notes and exercised to keep fit and pass the time. The mission, a dangerous one, saw the drill pierce through the final bits of rock Saturday morning. The families rejoiced.

Well, most of them. While the miners will emerge 700 meters to fame some time on Wednesday as they begin to come out, they will resurface to fame. Some to fortune with book and movie deals. And some to hostility as secret love affairs have also come to light.

While some of the miners will embrace their new-found spotlight with much to say, having had plenty of time to consider the perfect script, others want silence and to fade into the recesses of their normal lives.

With reporters from every corner flooding to the site, the majority arriving over the weekend, it is anticipated that more than 1000 will fight for their position and right to begin the heavy line of questions the world wants to know.

People have been praying and waiting with anxiety. This will be one extraordinary event that will bring all walks of life together around the globe. If even for but a small moment.

By Jori Sams-Freelance Writer

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