F1 Driver Sebastian Vettel Has Every Reason to Smile

Sebastian Vettel was all smiles today as he took home the Formula 1 prize for the week, raising his chances once again at winning the driver’s championship.

There is no doubt the Red Bull deserve the prize, too, after the performance they have put in this year on the track, as well as off.

Leader, Christian Horner, for Red Bull has said the whole season he was letting the two drivers for the team, Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel, race. No team orders.

This would have been clear after watching the two drivers make contact back in Istanbul with Vettel receiving a DNF and Webber losing his first place lead. Miraculously, he stayed on the track to still take a third place podium finish.

And that is the story of the season. Red Bull ahead. A couple of driving lapses from both drivers on different days. Danger. McLaren and Ferrari trying to play catch up and dash the dreams of the Red Bull team.

As the season is wrapping up, the intensity increases. Ferrari continues to nip at the heels of Red Bull, to steal what should not be theirs. McLaren just keep shooting themselves bad decision after bad decision. They alone have hurt themselves (not to mention the two separate crashes where they were tapped by Red Bull and put off the track, once when Vettel nicked Button and once when Webber nudged Hamilton for passing). That is the wrap up of their story all year.

Button stays cool as he can; Hamilton is maturing as the saga continues.

That to say, it isn’t over yet. The fat lady is on the track, but she hasn’t starting singing yet.

By Jori Sams-Freelance Writer

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