Alien Ambassador Takes Off

On Monday the 27th of September the BBC reported that the United Nations (UN) had introduced the new office of Ambassador to Aliens. One astrophysicist, Dr. Mazlan Othman, would hold this position. She already sits in the head seat in the Office of Outer space Affairs.

Ms. Othman would intervene for all of mankind should extraterrestrials suddenly invade Earth. She would be the first human to step up and make contact via all mankind.


This sounds like a dangerous job.

How the Alien Ambassador will communicate to beings from outer space and what they will do to prepare is beyond me.

I want to know how much an ambassador of this kind will make. I am not so certain this is my money well spent. I am also thinking of all the recent government employees who were laid off.

And in that little, simple head of mine, I ask myself, “What is the government planning?”

I do not profess to be a conspiracy theorist in the purist by any means. But what should one think when they hear this being taken very seriously? and they try to tell us this is a dangerous job?

Should I feel safe in the hands of the government?

I will have to hold the thought, because after all the rave and controversy over the subject, on the following day after the report from the BBC, Tuesday September 28th, the UN denied that such a scheme ever existed.

Now I really am confused.

Written by Jori Sams

For further reading visit Will There Be an Inaugural Ambassador to Aliens? or check out my website SamSol Designs


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