Doping and the World of Sport – Has it Lost its Face Forever?

The world of sport is laced with dope. Let’s face it. Starting with baseball and moving along to track and field, swimming, tennis and most recently cycling.

Just what is the answer? The field is split with controversy. Some say just legalize doping; let the athletes do what they will and see the result. Others, myself included, are purists. Use what God has given you and do your best.

But big dollars and modern medicine prevent this from ever being achieved. Really.

I don’t think it possible to monitor the everyday life of every athlete in professional sport. Remember the Russian women weightlifters from the 1970’s? How about Florence Griffith Joyner. Some basketball wonders in their early pro and college careers just dropped dead on the courts, too, in the 1990’s.

Enhancement drugs are dangerous.

And to a purist as myself, the results are a cheat. I have been robbed time, emotion and a true competitive attempt.

The World of Sport has been Contaminated

The world of cycling was devastated by report that Alberto Contador tested positive for doping during this year’s Tour de France. Though some suspect foul play with food contamination and small doses of Clenbuterol entering Contador’s system, it is hard to prove if he knew the food was contaminated and if the small amount cited was enough to affect the outcome of the race.

So cycling is contaminated, too, and may no longer be taken seriously. Insiders say everyone is using performance enhancing drugs. The question to be considered is “How are they taking it?”

Doping in Sport is Unfair to the Spectators and the Sponsors

Sponsors pour in huge amounts of dinero in support of sports. It could all be wasted now. It is no longer enjoyable to watch Contador, other cyclists, or professional athletes for that matter, and be thinking after their victory, “Oh. I wonder if they are really that good or if they have taken performance enhancing drugs?”

They do it for the money. So, I guess my options will be few and simple: to watch sport or not to watch sport.

What would happen if we all stopped paying huge bills for seats in arenas and stopped tuning in to sports just to see the result? Would athletes still consume dope in order to win if there is little to no pay involved? Will they hurt themselves, their future and their loved ones for the sake of the game alone?

Honesty and Integrity have long ago vanished from the scene.

Written by Jori Sams-Freelance Journalist

For further reading check out articles posted on SamSol Designs homepage.

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