Europeans Express Shock As They Learn Cloned Meat Hits the Market

If you have been watching the news lately, then you are aware that novelty meats are all the rage. That is to say, people are angry.  Particularly people in Europe. There are farmers in Switzerland that have informed the public some of their cattle are second and third generation cloned cattle or offspring of cloned cattle.

Farmers in the UK also admit to purchasing cloned embryos from the US to further their dairy profits from beef and milk. Meat from cloned cows is said to be disease resistant and leaner, therefore better for consumption. The percentage from sales of cloned meat is small; it is also legal.

While the FDA states that enjoying this new food technology, or novelty foods, is not harmful to the body. How can they be sure? There are no long-term reports yet. It will take many years to see if there are adverse effects on the mind and body. And some experts say it is unethical and bad for the animal’s welfare to take samples for cloning, as it a painful practice. Activists are demanding there be special packaging and labeling for such meat.

Something just isn’t right about cloning animals. And then to eat them…If it were good idea, it would happen in the natural world. Something reproducing a clone of itself. For instance, if you cut a piece off of a worm, it regenerates. This is natural. But farms that clone their animals and sell them to a butcher…is this right? Is it ethical?

Or has the world of science and technology gone forth at warp speed beyond a rate that we can emotionally keep up with? Most likely, eating the meat from cloned animals will always have some form of controversy. Some of us will never be at ease with this practice.


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