10 Best Places to Visit in the US-#5 Florida Keys

Travelling to the Keys

Just over an hour’s drive south of Miami you will enter the top of the Florida Keys via Key Largo. This town has been the subject of many songs and movies over the decades. John Pennecamp Marine Sanctuary is full of tropical flora and fauna. There is a definite mood in the air once you enter.

It is laid back and full of warm sea breezes and one narrow long road rolling five hundred miles to the party capital of the Keys – Key West. On your way you will find port after port and harbour after harbour with sea vessels great and small. The attraction here is deep sea fishing. But it doesn’t come cheap. If you want to get on board you will have to “fish” out around $700 a day! If you are after a prize swordfish or marlin this is the bait. Or perhaps you want to sink your teeth into the tasty Mahi-Mahi, also known as the Dolphin fish.

Enjoying the Waters

If you are looking for white, sandy beaches, you won’t find them here. The shoreline is rock and crag. But stunning all the same. Your best bet for a tan is the hotel pool or the back of a boat on the crystal clear turquoise waters. The deeper you go into the sea, the more eternal blue the sea becomes. You are not far from the Bahamas.

The avid sailors depart from Key West in hopes of reaching the Turks and Caicos or the Tortugas for a remote beach delight. From Key Largo the further you get to Key West the more of a party atmosphere you will find; keep this in mind if you are travelling with small children. This is a party paradise.

If you are planning a trip you must snorkel or dive. The sights under the surface are a breath-taking marvel.

The Male-Female Ratio May Astound You

Bachelors beware! You have much competition here as the male to female ratio is 12-1! Ladies, you won’t have to budget much as the men will be refilling your Key Lime Coladas as long as you are conscious.

The Florida Keys Are a Lush Paradise

The Florida Keys will wrap you with a culture and tropical feel like no place else in the United States. They are a tropical wonder all their own, great to visit any time of the year, wrapping you in sunshine, warmth, salty sea air, palm trees and banana leaves. To the left and to the right you will be surrounded by gorgeous water. If these things delight you, then you will want to put the Florida Keys on your travel list.

By Jori Sams


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