Cherries and Watermelon Boost Youth

A recent study was done suggesting some wonderful new things about anti-aging that may interest those wishing to stay looking young.  And the cost is effective.  Before rushing to the plastic surgeon for a Botox injection, why not stop at the produce market?

The study suggests that certain fruits are high in a substance known as Bioton, also called vitamin B7 or H.  This substance releases into the body and promotes metabolism of amino acids.  The result is healthy skin, hair and nails.

Many people are already aware that almonds are great for the former. But were you aware that while an apple a day may keep you from the doctor, such fruit as cherries and watermelon will help keep your skin tone?  Avocados, bananas, currants and raspberries also have high levels of Biotin.

Who said fruits and vegetables are not really that necessary?  What were they thinking? Most dieticians will tell you your diet should consist of 50% fruit and veg every day. So take the time do invest in yourself and your future and add some life to your diet.

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