World Class Spain Wins World Cup

Four years ago I enjoyed the World Cup soccer tournament for the first time. I was living in England. While all the hype there was centered around the English team, they only ended up disappointing. They did it again this year. But I had my hopes on Spain, after seeing them four years ago. The analysts said they were going to be good.

It is no wonder, as about seven of them play together for Barcelona. They started the tournament struggling after a controversial loss to Switzerland, a team that had never previously beaten them in seventeen attempts. Switzerland was so sure to lose, the Spanish coach rested the star player, Torres. He ended up having to play. But Spain still lost.

The controversy lay with the goal keeper, Casillas, who was apparently flirting with his girlfriend who was seated behind the goal.

Spain never did score big like they had in the European championships two years ago. They were heavily guarded. And beat up. Another controversy was the referees. Very inconsistent. So inconsistent that the talk on the street was that the World Cup had become a joke.

While this was hard to watch, especially the final with Spain playing Holland, the Spaniards broke through near the end of overtime, sparing us the pain of penalties. The Spanish team has so much talent that even some of the greatest players of the game did not make the starting lineup.

So the best team won. They handled the ball with the smoothest ease and finesse. In all of their games they dominated and played in their stylish form that we love to watch.

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