World Cup – Yet Another Draw?

I have seen some unbelievable things this year watching the World Cup. Before it all began, I much anticipated it. This being from the last World Cup, although I was quite disappointed with the result. Even so, I had the fever.

This year I wasn’t quite so sure. There had been some early grievances with the preparation in South Africa, and the proximity of the venues being too far apart. And the fact that not even one game had sold out. There is a crisis, after all. And South Africa is not a cheap place to fly into.

So it all began. After the first round, the results have been shocking. A lot of draws. A lot. And some upsets. The US was to fall quickly to the dominant British team. And Spain, the favorite, lost to, let me remember… Ah! Switzerland. They did not even start their star player because they have an unbeaten record against the Swiss team.

After a lot of dominant teams lost or drew in their first round, their second round was not much better. An upset for Germany. A really, really bad call taking away the winning goal from the US after a remarkable comeback in the second half, followed by a match where I swear the entire British team were playing in their sleep.

These are some precious hours I invested hoping to be entertained that I can never get back.

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