10 Best Places to Visit in the US-#8 Great Smoky Mountains National Park

We move from New England to the south and a bit west. Welcome The Smokey Mountains. You can do a world of things here, from whichever direction you enter. On the eastern side you will come through Maggie Valley, North Carolina. This is a quaint mountain town with affordable lodging and breathtaking views. But don’t be fooled when you read the first sign you come to, “Most photographed view in the Smokys”. You will encounter many more just like it.

With good reason, too, because with the cloud mist softly strolling undisturbed, hiking and trekking are pleasant here any time of year. From the east you will not want to bypass Gatlinberg, Tennessee. Once you finally make your way deep into the heart the Smokys, there are numerous trails to venture, streams to leap across and pools to swim in with plenty of fresh air and comfortable temperatures. But be warned! The water is streaming down from the melting snow and it is cold.

Campers abound in this neck of the woods. The outdoor advocate can enjoy fishing, bicycling, wildlife viewing,  waterfall searching.

There are plenty of facilities in local towns selling their wares to shopping tourists as well as an abundance of things to occupy time and budget for the whole family.


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