What Every Woman Should Know


Remember we are looking at the covenants of God in the Old Testament.  To me this is evidence that God wants to be involved in every aspect of our lives, not setting a list of law and order and abandoning us in them, eagerly waiting for us to fail so He can execute judgment.  The functional foundation of the Mosaic covenant is the Abrahamic covenant, where the blessings of the Kingdom begin.  Such laws and promises were not an end to themselves, but possessed eschatological dimensions and foreshadows.

When the Jews kept the law, and rejoiced in it, they were ultimately rejoicing and glorifying and enjoying the God who gave it.  So it is the same today, and we still await the final revelation of Christ Jesus.  When God’s chosen were disobedient, the law was heavy and a constant reminder of their sinfulness.

To understand these laws in the Old Testament, you must understand the patriarchal system (we will explain this later) and that sexuality is linked to the entire family.  If a man unites with another married woman, the whole universe of both families is shaken regarding the household.  As the head of the household, a man was considered the CEO if you will.  The woman was under this authority, as he was the chief provider for the household.  Her sexuality was owned by him.  Before she married, it was owned by her father.  If a woman widowed or was divorced, she then owned her sexuality.

To me this is so interesting. And it answers a lot of questions; it creates some, as well.



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