The Loss of Roger Federer

Well. Wasn’t I shocked to see Roger Federer fall to Robyn Soderling yesterday. I didn’t give the Swede a chance. Roger had nearly effortlessly soared into the quarterfinals. It seemed he would have the upper hand over Nadal, also assuming his advancement into the finals.

But Soderling had Federer-like moments. And Federer, he just looked flat. Sure. Some of the rallies were great, but Federer missed shots that he used make look simple.

Even so, if I can say it in such a way for a male, his tennis is just elegant. Such an easy touch. And for Federer, it comes as natural as breathing.

For me, the final won’t be the same without this man of style, where the men just hug the baseline and pound the ball with little strategy. I like the added drop shot to Roger’s game. I hope we see him continue using it, perfecting it with each match. Maybe as Roger ages we won’t see him in every final. But I should think for years to come we will at least still see him fighting for it in the quarterfinals. Because he barely breaks a sweat while playing, I think he will be fit and in good form for many more French Open tournaments to come.

Wimbledon is just around the corner… 


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