10 Best Places to Visit in the US-#9 New England in the Fall

Carrying on with the idea of taking time out to visit places around the US, on the list of the top 10 places around the country, we take a closer look at number 9 – New England. While the climate on the northern east coast is pleasant in the spring and summer, if you are only going to visit once and you have the opportunity to take time off in autumn or you are looking for a perfect getaway this time of year, New England is a must see. The only other place in the world where you can see the foliage change like in New England is Japan.

With charming cottages and inns available in the small towns dotting the coastline and a fresh autumn sea breeze bringing in the smells of the Atlantic, spectacular views can be seen 360 degrees.  One must just get in the car and drive, stopping to get out wherever inspiration calls.

Or if you like your journey planned, there are plenty of coach tours that will do the driving for you while you take in the scenery. Be sure to sample lobster and New England Clam Chowder while you are there.  For the country lovers, the White Mountains of New Hampshire are stunning with the vibrant colors of autumn. Conway Scenic Railroad offers rides from North Conway, New Hampshire. For the city lover Boston is definitely the must-see city with pleasant day time temperatures this time of year.

Look to visit between the third week of september to the middle of october. And be sure to bring your camera.


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