What Every Woman Should Know


We are beginning to understand God’s purpose for creation, for man, woman, and His chosen people, Israel.

Israel was to be a beacon to the Gentiles, drawing them to God, thus expanding the triangle. But Israel rebelled and turned inward, even to the point that by Jesus’ day, God’s mission had come to be misinterpreted by the Jews as the destruction of the Gentiles. At this point in history God took center stage in the person of Jesus Christ who through his birth, life, ministry, death, and resurrection, expanded the called community to include Jew and Gentile alike. These apostles were then sent into the world to give witness of the at-one-ment that has been achieved in Christ, imaging the coming shalom of God and inviting others into the community. A remarkable and significant event to center time around. All part of this great master plan that none of us can see, but it unfolds before our eyes. And not one of us can stop it, though some have tried. Indeed, what God has put into motion, no one can stop.

Since the dawn of man, humanity has needed some set principles to govern it. If the law was transgressed, God had set additional guidelines and regulations to atone for the guilty´s failures. As the population increased, so did the laws, for the total well-being of mankind, body-soul-spirit.

We will observe that women in this system were considered by men to be their property, like children and slaves, and God sets the law to protect them until He ushers in Eden restored. Then women will regain what God destined them since the creation of man.

Because we have strayed so far from God since the fall, we do not understand Mosaic Law and the culture of the time, and so misinterpret this as a demand instead of a command. What is the difference then?

We will take a deep look into the answers. Until then, keep on rejoicing.



2 thoughts on “What Every Woman Should Know

  1. in case you don’t go back to my blog, I wanted to reply to your comments and I think this is a perfect spot because you are in essence doing the same thing I am.
    As to merely…
    The problem is far too many people just sit and read things like this and don’t make comments of their own and don’t ever do anything about it.
    Thus the reason for my blog and my book that I’m working on.

    I’m trying to encite people to action and reaction.
    I’m trying to wake America up from it’s apathy and lethargy.

    Far too many people think the Emperor’s new clothes are beautiful and rich and in reality, the Emperor is naked and his skin is raw and pustulent and putrified beyond leaprosy.

    • thanks for the comment. what is your book about? have you read, “pagan Christianity?” by frank viola and george barna? very, very interesting. it has sparked a lot of controversy, but it is eye-opening and potentially life changing. barna has done some great work regarding statistics. while i don’t want to drown in them, statistics are saying something…

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