Adrenal Fatigue-The Unseen Binder Part 2

Continuing on the thought that most health practitioners don’t look for hormonal or mineral imbalances, and most are hard to pinpoint unless your body is acting up at the time you are getting your blood drawn. Because we put ourselves under so much daily stress with our modern lifestyles, which are demanding and draining our bodies, it is good to learn to know when to say when.

The adrenals are small walnut-sized gland that rest above the kidneys. They are working for us throughout the day released cortisone when we are under pressure. When they start to give out, chronic illness sets in. If you suffer from CFS, chances are your problems began here. Poor diet would have helped you get here sooner, too. Poor sleep is just one other sign first seen when the adrenals become deficient.

Some of the symptoms of adrenal fatigue are:

• hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

• hypotension(low blood pressure)

• hypotension (become dizzy when stand up)

• fatigue

• decreased mental awareness• low body temperature

• decreased metabolism

• a compromised immune system

• decreased sense of well-being (depression)

• weight loss

• skin color changes

• loss of scalp hair

• excess facial or body hair

• GI disturbances

• nausea

• vomiting

• constipation

• abdominal pain

• diarrhea

• crave salty foods

• muscle or joint pains

On the next post, we will explore what an average day feels like to those suffering with adrenal insufficiency and how to treat it.



4 thoughts on “Adrenal Fatigue-The Unseen Binder Part 2

  1. Very good information. Sounds like you know quite a lot about health issues…which is something no one can know too much about…Just so confusing, as you pointed out…one thing that doctors have never told me, you just did, and that is that if we are not feeling the symptoms…of, whatever, then the blood test may not reveal the problem. I don’t know if you are in the medical field professionally or not, but, you probably would appreciate the song ( Scheme of things ) Anyway, I enjoy reading about travel spots, and, as much as I would rather avoid it… I can see that I really should become a follower of your Med Reports…Thanks, great job.

    • hey, thanks for the comment. i think a lot of people would like to walk around with blinders because it is so hard to be disciplined by eating good food. it takes time to prepare fresh foods. i have spent a couple of years studying and working in the medical field, mostly re:cardiopulmonary system.

      i am one who has learned the hard way what poor eating can do. i matured to understand my body is the temple of God. this has huge implications.

      after much misdiagnosis given me in modern medicine, i have turned to naturopathy and found healing there. everything must be in balance.

  2. very interesting article.
    Do people with Adrenal fatigue ever have fluctuating blood pressure or is it always low.
    I do have hypotension occasionally.
    I get weak spells where I start shaking but my blood sugars are normal. They have thought I was a borderline diabetic but my numbers are always normal. I have had major crashes where I almost pass out but when my wife (a type II diabetic) checks my numbers they are always between 80-120.
    I am constantly fighting fatigue issues. I’m 50 and this has been going on for about 20 years.
    I have suffered from horrific bouts with candida as well.

    • Thanks for taking so much time to read my site. People with adrenal insufficiency do have fluctuating blood pressure. You will find in the times your adrenals are suffering the most, your blood pressure will be suffering, too. After poor eating or sleeping, typically. Or a lot of stress.

      Having tremors, stress, sufficiently low energy are all signs, while maintaining normal vitals. Not to plug my site, but to tell you I have a couple of more posts that may be helpful to you, so as not to repeat all the info, because it is a lot. This will aid you in your diet. I would definitely heed it if I were you because given that you struggle with candida, most definitely along with what you have mentioned it would seem plausible that your adrenals are fatigued.

      Stop heavy physical activity for a couple of months. Avoid sugars and simple carbs. And get to a health store. The things I suggest to begin aiding you are not expensive, in the long run.

      I have posted this because I am going through it and though it is difficult, I am on the mend from following this eliminatiod diet strictly. It’s not nice to watch others who can eat whatever they want right before your eyes, but in the end, it is worth it. What makes it more difficult for me, I cannot eat wheat. That is why I sent my adrenals even more stress, because I replace wheat with rice and corn, which are simple sugars. One thing I forgot to mention, if your are on the elimination diet and eating rice, make sure it’s brown or basmatti…

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