10 Best Places to Visit in the US-#10. North Woods, Wisconsin

If you are looking for the best places in the US to visit, then we will start you off with number 10 on our list, right in the heart of America’s midwest. From whatever direction you are entering into Wisconsin, just keep going north and center. If you hit Michigan, you have gone too far. Tucked well into the woods where the roads have no names, you will come to fishing country. If you come in August, and you are an avid fisherman, you will not want to miss Boulder Junction. This is the muskie capital of the world, or so it claims.

Surrounded by lakes, you will not be short of options. There are plenty of high dollar cottages to rent, and a few on the lower end as well, but you will need to look. But book early, because you will have much competition if you are trying to hook the largest muskie for a hefty prize.

The rest of the family can spend time in the quaint shops, cafeterias, rustic lodges. Or what could be better than enjoying a day on the water canoeing or swimming off the local pier. You could also spend endless hours walking through the tall pines, basking in the fresh air and smell of the forest. A gentle rain brings it all alive.

There is plenty of 
bird watching. Look close, because you may catch a mother bald eagle soaring around with her eaglets. Then there is the rare and precious red-eyed loon with its mystic call. There are plenty of four-legged creatures, too. The elk, deer and moose. And don’t feed the bears!

This place is a peaceful haven, a welcome rescue. And if you are looking for something different in the center of the country, the North Woods are not to be missed!


2 thoughts on “10 Best Places to Visit in the US-#10. North Woods, Wisconsin

  1. Interesting. Not really had much of a chance to explore the mid-west but would like to get a good feel for it one day. Looking forward to your piece on Yosemite. Was there late September and have got two trips in quick succession later this month.

    • anthony,

      thanks for the comment. i would say the mid-west is not the first on anyone’s list to explore. but the north woods is sure a neat little niche and hide-away worth a visit. it has a very unique charm. after this series i plan on posting the best places to visit out west alone, because there are loads of little secrets west of the mississippi. yosemite is a great place to wander, hike, camp, swim, just be away from the city for some scenery and fresh air. a world of its own. there are, as you are probably aware, nice little places to stay outside the park boundaries within the smaller towns.

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