What Every Woman Should Know



We continue now with the start of my book, What Every Woman Should Know. It takes us back all the way to the start of human relationships. What was God ever thinking?

To understand human nature, it is essential to delve deep into creation and the existence of man.  If you are like me, you believe in creation and that God had a conceptual idea.  He spoke; because He is awesome with all power, only God is awesome in its purest sense, with great intensity things were put into motion.  He had a vision, an idea.  He spoke it out.  That is all He had to do for this world to begin.  This is why God cannot lie.  He only has to speak, and something begins.  Perfect energy in motion.  More than a position of integrity, it is a position of power.

Concentrate on this extraordinary fact.

God’s Law was never created to be a means of salvation.  It exemplifies the limits or execution of His grace and human understanding.  It reveals His desire for justice and sets a rule as we wait for the revelation of all men unto Christ Jesus.

I believe the Law is set to the standard of living that man has acquired and adjusted to since the fall and is meant to protect the innocent.  The creation narratives in Genesis tell of a world created by God.  Humanity is God’s crowning achievement.  Upon completion of creation there is perfect shalom between the triune God, humanity, and creation. Humankind rebels.  Shalom is deeply marred.  Human beings are separated from God and from each other.  They find themselves in a life and death struggle with nature.  Human beings are alienated from themselves.  This is against what God had purposed, against His design.

Instead what is present is man away from the garden, away from walking with God.  The beginning of Genesis portrays a humanity where the heart of man is full with the desire to overpower and dominate.  God created mankind to be the head and dominate all created beings that dwelt on the earth; the only being he could not dominate was God.  After the fall, away from the presence of God, with the knowledge of good and evil, man then decided to try to dominate man.  City dwelling began after Cain was banned from the rest of the tribe upon killing his brother, Abel.  His descendents went on to develop the first civilization, a city surrounded with walls.  This idea was never God’s.  These cultures went on to create and establish their own versions of creation through myth, legend, customs and politics.  The struggle began to prevail in their eternal present as people began to destroy anything that threatened their dominance and means of survival.

But God is Sovereign; His ultimate plan for man will prevail.  Before the breath of man came into life, God had already separated the light from the darkness.  He constructed such a master plan as to reunite humanity to Himself, through Himself.  In Genesis we see the start of this strategy when He separates a people for Himself.  Enter the covenant with Abraham.

More to follow soon…


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