What Every Woman Should Know-Intro Part 2

Continuing to give some background for the purpose and direction of my book, What Every Woman Should Know, all of this I have written in hopes that you will have a breakthrough like me.  That this breakthrough will improve the quality of your life and set you free.

Be brave as you read and thorough to follow along with the Scriptures.  Some of what I write you may find offensive.  It may also be life-changing.  Perhaps a bit graphic to the faint-hearted.  I will warn you that I am direct with my points.  No glossing over.  I dare say some will call me critical and this work controversial.

In life I have been a shaker and a mover; I am a pioneer and I hope to die with my boots on.

I am not trying to make friends and become popular by what I say.  We are in dark and desperate days and we need some concrete answers.  When someone throws us a lifesaver we should be sure to take it.

What I do not want to do is deceive you.  I do not have a shining record, free and clear.  I do not dare to supply details and answers as if I have discovered them by living right.  I have not made a lot of really great choices in life.  No.  But by the grace of God go I.

Everything I have gained, I have bought through suffering.

Let it not be wasted.  I have researched and done the hard labor of sorting out and selecting facts that I thought every woman should know…



2 thoughts on “What Every Woman Should Know-Intro Part 2

  1. I should be trying to sleep but instead am checking out your site. I like this passage; you leave the reader wanting more…

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