Help Your Body Enjoy the Spring

We are right in the middle of spring. All over the world the weather is peculiar. From earthquakes to volcanic ash disrupting the planet the world over, no region is untouched.

Besides this, allergy season is here. Add this to the broken New Year’s promises, and nearly 25% of us are feeling close to lousy. Take a couple of minutes to read some tips I have gathered to help ease the burden.

This is going to come down to making some good choices through the day. Remember, the first step is the hardest.

Everyone should start to assist their immune system, especially the elderly and those with immune system deficiencies. First, watch your intake of sugar and gluten. These aggravate and overwork the immune system. Chemically sweetened products are just as bad. Unprocessed milk is good. Goat’s milk and cheese is even better. It is leaner, lower in fat, with high contents of vitamin A and potassium.

Apart from avoiding certain foods, there are foods that we should add to our diets. The number one most important thing to give your body is water. Water is the body’s petro. Don’t stress over getting your 64 ounces. Fill a glass. Drink it slowly, and keep refilling it throughout the day. Egg lovers will be pleased to know that unprocessed chicken eggs are very high in omega-3. It is okay to snack. It is what you snack on that matters. Food low in fat, unprocessed, like fruit, seeds and nuts, are best.

Along with diet, especially with the constraints of sitting at a desk job, people need more exercise. Spring is just the time to begin a good routine. Get your heart rate up, get your lungs pumping. You should be able to go for a strenuous walk without feeling tired, but don’t do too much all at once; this leads to burnout. To avoid getting bored with your routine, switch it up. 3×20 is the key. 3 days a week for 20 minutes. Fresh air and sunshine are good for you.

So is proper rest. Most people overwork themselves. This adds stress. Stress inhibits a calm nature. Find a spot where you can take breaks throughout the day to alleviate the stress. Deep breathing promotes good oxygen flow. This helps relieve stress levels.

By following these tips you may rebuild your system, fight against allergies, and you may find by monitoring your diet and exercise, you will naturally begin to lose weight. What an added bonus for summer coming! Now all you need is some sunblock.



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