What Every Woman Should Know-Intro

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I am going to reveal bits of my new book, What Every Woman Should Know.  Presently, I am setting it up to sell as an ebook, as well as seeking an agent. I have turned down a bad contract from a small publisher already.

In this work, I hope to explore a long-range of subjects regarding women and I intend to battle some of the tough ones.  If you are like me, you have many questions you would like answered.  I have done lengthy research to get to the heart of this subject: are men and women really created equal?  Meaning, should they have equality?

What should it look like?  What does it look like?  What should our response be?  Where did it all start?  Was it God’s idea?  Are women really the daughters of Evil?  Did the life of Jesus Christ really change anything?

We will unpack the Old and New Testaments to get some answers.  This will require a look into the culture of the day and the battles faced.  We will discover why God made man, and woman.  And we will take a look through the centuries up to today to see the role of women in society and in the church.

It is also important to understand our culture today and the new challenges we now face.  We will also explore marriage and God’s purpose for it.  Finally, we will take a brief look at other cultures in modern times.

Well, that’s the section for the day. Hope you will find it all interesting. Look for more.


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