What Every Woman Should Know

Spring is lovely in Spain, but wow! The wind roars like it did in March. I am spending much time writing.  All sorts of things. Blogs, web content, sonnets, books, etc. So much writing I am doing that I thought I would post some content on my blogs to get some feedback. I also hope to bring fresh inspiration to those swanning.

Let me, then, introduce you to my non-fiction book, What Every Woman Should Know. It is a bit academic, but an easy read chocked full of interesting, lifechanging info. A huge subject to bite into, let me take you back to the beginning of time between man and woman to see if both were actually created to be equal beings.

This stems from my having a lot of questions and resentment on the issue. After many years lightly exploring the topic, I decided it was time to keep into the depths of it. I have had such a welcome response from women of all ages on this book that I thought I would post some samples for you all to enjoy.

So, starting tomorrow, I will let you know What Every Woman Should Know. I pray it takes you forward in your faith.

Grace and Peace,



One thought on “What Every Woman Should Know

  1. Hi Scrargirl,

    You have really developed thoughts that definitely relate to a variety of personal and true inspirations for women. It is deeply rooted in What Every Woman Should Know Parts 1 and 2. It is very ironic because I am in the process of writing a book about a woman’s personal journey in life. It involves significant aspects of a woman’s life yet defines the moments of inspiration, deception and undeniable consequences of her life.

    I look forward to reading more of your work and thanks for the comment. Purpose3970.

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