Big Decisions: netbook or laptop?

Wow! I am going to purchase a laptop soon. Or am I going to purchase a mini netbook? After much shopping around, it is tough to know which is the best purchase. The selection is fierce to choose from.  Both have advantages. So far, I think the biggest disadvantage with the notebook will be the size of the keyboard.

From the researching I’ve done, it seems it does take time to adjust. Another thing I am unsure of, will it take a hammering for all the word processing I will be doing.

Does anyone have a comment on this?

It seems the Asus, Hp, and Toshibas have been given the best reviews, and with the graphics and internet/wi-fi availability, it seems to be nearing the same market at the bulky and heavier laptops.

I welcome user reviews here.

Until then, I will keep my mode of contemplation and indecision, hoping to cut that line soon…



2 thoughts on “Big Decisions: netbook or laptop?

  1. I’m a month late to contribute but if you haven’t made your decision yet…
    You can always get a usb hub to plug a usb keyboard and mouse in.
    You can also get an external monitor to attach so you have a bigger monitor at home.
    If you are going to go to a lot of places the notebook wins hands down because it’s light and easy to use in a multitude of places.

    If you want something to be your main computer at home and everywhere then I would suggest starting with a desktop and then getting a notebook for while you’re outside and on the road. There are so many more things you can do with a desktop scenario that you can’t with a laptop. Netbooks are only 290 to 390 typically.

    If you are an Uuber geek like me then you’d probably want to get a laptop as they have more bells and whistles.

    I ended up custom building a desktop with all the modern fancy stuff and I gave my wife the laptop cause i just don’t like carrying the extra 6-7 lbs.
    I am going to school and I have a backpack with books, binders, paper, pens, pencils, calculators, food, water etc…

    So when I get another laptop I will get a netbook, Probably either an Acer or Most likely an HP because I like their customer service better, you can typically understand them.

    Netbooks are somewhat limited at usually 1 – 2 GB of ram and typically 120-150 gb hard drive.
    The newer Adam processors can run Windows 7 if you like it, if you don’t care just stick with xp which is the default.
    If you are an average user I would recommend the netbook with an external monitor and usb keyboard and mouse and then get an external usb cd/dvd drive and get an external 2.5 inch harddrive so you don’t ever have to worry about running out of hard drive space.

    • hey, it’s almost too late, but not too late. this weekend i will journey, again, to my not-so-local computer mega store and decide. i found a nice packard bell last week-sold out! but seeing that they are the same as acer, i am rethinking this. i know people that have acer and say they are very slow.

      thanks for the tips! i have an external hard drive and a pc monitor i can hook up to. do i just need to make sure the netbook has ports for these? i think i have decided on the toshiba notebook. from where i live, i cannot easily reach any support systems, anyway…

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